Bryann Torres

Full stack developer

Hello! I'm Bryann Torres, a Full Stack Developer with a year's experience in the tech industry. My expertise spans technologies such as React, Django, TypeScript, Python, Postgres, and JavaScript. In my current role, I've been successfully maintaining and developing web applications, addressing client needs and sharing knowledge with my team.

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Work experience

As a full stack developer, my work primarily involves using React TypeScript and Django. I value teamwork, readily share knowledge with my colleagues, and consistently learn new things to enhance my skills.

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August 2022 - Present

As a full stack software developer, I have been working on the development and maintenance of web applications using React with TypeScript and Django as the main stack.



I have worked both for a software development company and also on personal projects, which have allowed me to learn and improve my skills as a developer. Below are some of the personal projects I have worked on:

Pick/Inappsis Fintech

In this project, I actively participated in the transition to a new style using Material-UI and an acquired template. I contributed significantly to the development of the dashboard for clients, improving interaction and accessibility of information. I implemented detailed functions for credit applications, visual breakdowns of crucial data and an amortization tab for future loan installment projections. I also developed a dynamic, multi-step credit application form, integrating unique token-based security and customized data collection, which greatly improved user experience and administrative efficiency.


Discord Bot

I am collaborating and leading an independent project where we are 2 people to develop a bot for Discord, using DiscordJS, NodeJS, Prisma, Supabase (PostgreSQL) and TypeScript. The project, started in November 2022 and ongoing, includes entity-relationship model design, command creation, user interaction and CRUD operations with the database. In addition, it has been a means to explore CI/CD with GitHub, cloud deployment with Netlify, use of Docker for Supabase and code testing with Jest. The project also has internationalization, currently supporting English and Spanish.


This is a personal project of a web application that allows you to see the constellations of the zodiac and their characteristics with a 3D view of the sky.

About me

Based in Colombia

Think of myself as a person who is always learning and has a flair for taking up new talents. I can confidently converse in English at a B2 level and thrive in team environments. Stress? I've got it under control, turning it into a catalyst for productivity. I've always been intrigued by programming and want to learn more about it.

When I'm not working or learning, you'll probably find me immersed in one of my hobbies. I play video games a lot, and you can often find me playing on my computer. My taste in music is as varied as they come. I enjoy cooking, although I don't do it every day, and anime is my go-to escape, a world I love to explore in my downtime.

Stress management


If you want to contact me, you can do so through the following means: